Learning How to Study

Where has reason gone? For one the idea of talking about God takes on an urgency that allows for no compromise. For the other an intolerance to even give it a moments thought. Some will linger looking for agreement to their conception of God. The others cannot wait to run off looking for the holy grail of money and power. Yet both are looking for the reason to their life and believing they have already found it give no thought to what is really before them. "Agree with me or I am gone", they say. But what if the truth lies to the left or the right?

Raised in the church I became godless. Searching for wealth I became a fool. Looking for power I became a pitiful god in my own eyes. Yet the answer was there to be found if I would but open my eyes and look. What is man really but a vapor, here now and in a moment, gone. All the fury of a tempest in a teapot.

There is an answer you know. The bible one cries, a fool cries the other. Still the answer is there. Yet will you understand dear Christian, and you too dear pagan, not empty words written on the page but the Spirit of Life who is the Author. You both have read what portions you will, interpreted by reason or faith. and both have missed that precious treasure that alone does last forever.

Within your mind you think to yourself,"he believes he knows the truth".The Christian frowns, the pagan laughs,and God above pity's them both. I know in part, I write with blanks, yet God does the filling in both. Not faith alone nor reason alone but the Spirit of Life who's the author.

Come Christian and pagan and open His word. Open your eyes to the truth. Search for faith and look for reason with open heart and mind. All you thought you ever knew will pale in the light of God. The treasure is yours if you will just open your eyes and believe what is there.

No one will see, no one will know, if you open the book to read. Alone with your thoughts, do test the book, whether it stands on its own. Not what you want to believe is right, but what does the book mean to say. When that is done then you decide, to be or not, a Christian.

God bless those who will honestly search.

Joseph Raymond

Website Administrator: Joseph A Raymond
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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