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My site is always expanding and I have heard that it is becoming too large to keep track of what has changed and what new material has been recently added. This page is a list of the changes I have made to the site. God bless as you surf along.

Date Action    Titles
25/Aug/11 added Where Is Boasting Then? commentary
22/Aug/11 added The Jew - Justification through obedience to the law? No! commentary
17/Aug/11 added Are We Better Than They? commentary
12/Aug/11 added No Faith, No Responsibility, No Understanding... Judgment commentary
10/Aug/11 added What Advantage Then Has the Jew? commentary
04/Aug/11 added Who Is a Jew? commentary
27/Jul/11 added Behold, Thou Art Called... A Jew commentary
07/Jul/11 added If You Judge Others... You Judge Yourself commentary
10/Mar/11 added The Wrath of God - revealed commentary
07/Mar/11 added Faith to Faith or Faith to Ungodliness commentary
01/Mar/11 added Paul Wants to Visit Rome commentary
28/Feb/11 added The Call (introcuction to Romans) commentary
20/Feb/11 added Righteousness of God commentary
17/Feb/11 added The Second Roman Witness commentary
15/Feb/11 added Jesus on the Cross - the Responses commentary
14/Feb/11 added Jesus Condemned - Jews Cursed commentary
10/Feb/11 added Sheep and Goats Divided - Judged commentary
09/Feb/11 added The Talents given to The Servants commentary
08/Feb/11 added Faithful Servant - Evil Servant commentary
07/Feb/11 added Israel's Near Future commentary
05/Feb/11 added Bad Leaders or Servant Leadership commentary
03/Feb/11 added Invitation to a Wedding Feast commentary
02/Feb/11 added The Story of the Two Sons commentary
01/Feb/11 added The Ass and The Colt commentary
28/Jan/11 added The Path to Justice - an exercise in correction commentary
27/01/11 added If Thy Foot or Hand Offend Thee commentary
26/Jan/11 added The Transfiguration and Who Is John the Baptist commentary
25/Jan/11 added The Problem With Signs commentary
24/Jan/11 added The Syrophoenician Woman commentary
20/Jan/11 added The Prophetic Use of Parables commentary
19/Jan/11 added The Reason for the Use of Parables commentary
18/Jan/11 added Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit commentary
17/Jan/11 added I Will Have Mercy - Not Sacrifice commentary

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